Communion Table

Melton Mowbray Church has been the Non Conformist voice in the town since 1821 The Church continues to be a faithful witness in spite of its declining numbers. The Church began its life a small wooden Chapel but in the late 1890’s a permanent structure replaced the original building. The Church building has undergone a series of ‘upgrades’ and is now looking spick and span once more.

This year we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of our building.  On Saturday 7th May the church will be open for people to visit and we will have displays from past groups, present groups and our hopes for the future.  On Sunday 8th May various activities are planned and our Synod Moderator, Rev Geoffrey Clarke will be preaching. 

Pop in and see us and celebrate with us.

In 1972 the Congregational  Church became the United Reformed Church and we believe that through prayer, good stewardship and the grace of God the fellowship will continue to be the Reformed presence in the town for many years to come.

Freeby Church is our ‘elder partner’ founded in 1665   Freeby Chapel became, for a short time the Chapel of Isaac Watts who taught in Freeby village. Although known mainly for his hymns.  His preaching was like a breath of fresh air if a tad controversial and dangerous. Being a Non Conformist in those days was a lot more hazardous than now.

Unfortunately we no longer use Freeby Chapel and discussions are on going about its future.

The next time you happen to be in Melton for our famous pork pies and stilton cheese why not drop on by and visit both our historical churches you will be warmly welcomed and we pray you will find your visit rewarding .

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