Welcome to Melton Mowbray United Reformed Church With Freeby

The Minister, Elders and members welcome you to the website of Melton Mowbray with Freeby URC. Please have a look around this site to find out more about us.


Our minister and team of Elders are always on hand for any advice.  Please contact Marcia, Church Secretary for any information. Tel 01664 668158

The Shepherd and the sheep

Great shepherd, in our search for safety, we come to you.
In our longing for rest we come to you.
In hope we come.
Many voices lay claim upon our lives, many choices touch us,
and we wonder, at the crossroads, which way we should turn.
In these times, help us to hear your voice again.
Speak the word that comforts and protects, that reassures us of your persistence with us.
We who know what it is to be small and at risk, adore you,
for you do not play games or give up.
You stay and we are saved.

  Neil Thorogoood

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