Welcome to Melton Mowbray United Reformed Church With Freeby

The Elders and members welcome you to the website of Melton Mowbray with Freeby URC. Please have a look around this site to find out more about us.


During these unprecedented times of the Covid 19 virus it may feel difficult to restrict our lives and our activities, but we do this because Jesus told us to ‘love one another.’  We close our doors knowing that ‘church’ is more than the buildings we occupy.  We are the body of Christ in this place.  As part of that body it is our duty to care for ourselves and also each other with love.

As in epidemics throughout history the effects of this fear disturb us very deeply, and dread comes upon us.

There is one thing that everyone can do. PRAY. Even if you find it difficult to pray, pray for yourself, for those you love, for friends and neighbours.

May the wisdom of God lead the doctors, nurses and researchers, that they may know God’s protection; and that God will guide the leaders of the nations into the ways of justice and peace. And that the love of Christ will surround us and take away our anxiety and give us His peace.

Our team of Elders are always on hand for any advice.  Please contact Marcia, Church Secretary for any information. Tel 01664 668158

“Do not be afraid or dismayed; for the Lord God, your God, is with you”